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Vivid Sydney

5 Mar

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I have found myself more nostalgic than usual these days, and one of the memories I find myself exploring more often is the 6 months exchange semester I spent in Australia and the freedom it brought. For the past year I have felt as if every decision concerning my life and my future was in someone else’s hands and it made me feel so weak so powerless. But in Australia, for 6 months, I, alone, was in charge of every waking moment and I pushed myself out of all my comfort zones to explore a new continent.

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Can you live without it?

16 Dec

It’s been almost a month now in which I haven’t written a post or anything basically, except for 2 college essays. so long, that I forgot the password to my wordpress account. So long that I have asked myself if I wanted to come back. So long that I’ve been through the phases of “I must make time to write”, “Oh, I miss writing”, “It’s been 2 weeks now, too bad” and “Did it mean anything if I could go for one month without it?”.

And then almost a week ago, I started a thing I usually do when I’m in doubt of something. Perhaps it’s stupid. No, actually I’m sure it’s stupid. But until now, it has been my way of doing things and it has worked so far, so I decided to do it again.  When I doubt whether I still want to do something, or whether I need someone, or whether one object/person still has place in my life, I try do see if I can live without it and for how long.

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