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Fitspo time again

21 Jun

Even though it’s summer and the temperatures make we want to be anywhere but in the library, still having exams can be a blessing in disguise.

I get to experience and learn again how greatly a good run or workout can influence your day and keep you motivated for studying or any other unpleasant activity you must do. I feel so energised and proud after a run.

And, secondly, it gives me a little it more time until I present myself to the seaside and just enough to get in that perfect swimsuit form.

Stay strong and enjoy your workouts.

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Fitspiration or not losing your goals out of sight

30 Dec

Day 6 of this week’s writing challenge.

Weekly Writing Challenge: Just Do It!.

Initially, I thought that all of this week’s post will be serious ones: posts that will let my opinions shout and prove a point or have a literary value. But thinking more about it, I decided that my fitspiration posts are as much part of myself as are my story parts, my daily prompts responses or my personal diary entries. So for those still going to the gym in these holiday days, or for those who wish they did but find not find enough strength to do so, here you go:

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Holiday fitspiration

18 Dec

With the holiday at our doors the temptation to eat more and go to the gym less often also comes in. However winter doesn’t only come with more delicious but fattening dishes but also with a whole new range of sports that are fun and helpful to maintaining a good figure.

If however you need some motivation to face the cold outside, here are some photos that help me get going:

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18 Nov

Since the most dreaded period of the year (at least for me) has now officially started (term-papers season), combined with the humongous stress of sending out the last college applications, I feel I need more motivation than ever to hit the gym besides my daily tennis training. So here are some more photos to get you going.: Continue reading

Fitspiration (Fitspo)

11 Nov

Though,or perhaps especially because I’ve been training at least 6 days a week for the past 12 years,

I feel I sometimes may loose my focus and especially on rainy days like today I need some motivation.

These are some pictures that help me get in the mood to work. Continue reading