Vivid Sydney

5 Mar

via Daily Prompt: Vivid


I have found myself more nostalgic than usual these days, and one of the memories I find myself exploring more often is the 6 months exchange semester I spent in Australia and the freedom it brought. For the past year I have felt as if every decision concerning my life and my future was in someone else’s hands and it made me feel so weak so powerless. But in Australia, for 6 months, I, alone, was in charge of every waking moment and I pushed myself out of all my comfort zones to explore a new continent.


Nothing embodied this sense of freedom as Vivid Sydney, the Light, Music, Ideas Festival did for me. Based in Canberra I jumped on a Greyhound bus every weekend to explore a new place and Sydney couldn’t escape my curiosity. The festival just made an amazing city by itself, even more impressive to the eyes and drawing to the soul. The beauty of the architecture around the city and the blending of happiness brought on by the cheerful lights and people everywhere offered an escape for everyone and especially me and made the discovery of the city one memorable experience, that I’ll forever treasure.


Now, whenever I feel sad, or lonely, or not in control, I look at the pictures and remember how happily strong I was meeting random people and discovering something new everyday: a life I wish to live more often.



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