Final thoughts or Where I will be next year

31 Dec

Today is the last day of this week’s writing challenge.

An intense week of writing and a habit I hope to continue next year. And I won’t say it’s my resolution to make sure I’ll keep it. It is also the last post of 2012.

2012 was not a bad year at all. But all the conclusions and lessons learned belong in my head and in my heart. On paper belong the thoughts for 2013.

Next year at this time I hope I will be at an amazing party with my newly made friends from the awesome university I’ll be attending, hopefully in the US or UK. No more staying with my parents on New Year’s eve at a sad table.

This time, next year, I will have followed my passion for writing, here on this blog and at a newspaper or magazine. I will still play tennis, no matter what. And I will have found somebody to like again.

Well these start to awfully sound like resolutions, which I absolutely did not want to make, so I’ll stop and go down to the above mentioned sad dinner with my parents and not with the friend that invited me outside,because I am not allowed to go. But don’t take me lighthearted, what I said will be accomplished. And next year, a more confident and happy person will write her last thoughts on the year 2013.


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