Having a purpose or Diary Excerpt

28 Dec

Though this fits perfectly with story of which parts you can see in the menu at the top of the screen, it is also an excerpt from my diary, so thoughts written in the heat of the moment during my attending a revelatory tennis camp at a famous tennis academy in Florida that inspired my writing of the above mentioned long story.

This post will also count as day 4 of this week’s writing challenge.

Weekly Writing Challenge: Just Do It!.


I woke up with to the thought of giving the best. I woke up to the thought of trying harder, better and more. This is what the academy has done to me. Not the practices, but the matches, the strategy lessons, the mental conditioning. I changed my perspective on the game. I changed my way of thinking before entering the court, on the court and after I get out of the court. I didn’t necessarily change my dreams and goals but the way in which I want to achieve them. I wish to become better, but I desire more to do the work required to get there. I realised and saw what others are doing to get there where I only wished to be. As Pat taught me, I now want my opppnent to make me move more to showcase my ability and the fact that I want a challenge. I want to fight, to give everything, to forget everything but the game.

hard work shows

hard work shows

It’s such an amazing feeling. I love being on the court again. Once more I don’t care about the blisters, the soreness, the wounds and the pain in my feet. I cannot wait to go out there again and become better.

I really looked forward to this day. I knew we were going to work on the transition game and that I needed this.  So I went out there and tried to listen to everthing Chess told me to. I pushed myslef even when I was not hitting, on the side, rope-jumping or at the coordination ladder, even though I was so dam hard and I couldn’t catch my breath. I like that my attitude was appreciated but even more I liked that I was experiencing a feeling of purpose. This is another thing I learned in the War Room. Never do anything without a purpose. It may sound silly or over-used but until you specifically think about what you are trying to achieve when doing any action you perform them by help of inertia. You simply perform them and forget them. So, yes, every ball counts. Every match I play counts. If I spend time, money and energy on this thing, I may as well make it for a reason, right? When you know what you are working towards you can decide on realistic targets, you can focus solely on some aspects but not lose the big picture. So, in the last few days I tried doing something with every ball and every practice. And it shows. I noticed even during the first week that after Wednesday, when I worked on my down the line approach shot and the finish with a cross volley, I did the same combination in the match, and guess what? It worked. In the meantime I also learned from Pat the technical reasoning behind this instinctive combination: going down the line offers you the shortest distance to going to the net and thus becomes the best percentage shot. And today I didn’t miss even one approach and volley combination, be it on the backhand or forehand.


I was pleased with myself and so were the coaches.


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