Note to my future roommate

24 Dec

Though I had promised myself nobody would see my college essays until I receive some admission letters, there was one that I found so entertaining that I felt I needed to share it.

Write a note to your future roommate that reveals something about you or that will help your roommate know you better. (2000 characters)

Dear future roommate,
I cannot wait to meet you since I am certain that we will get along so well. You will soon notice that I am a sociable, very friendly person who usually has no difficulty in making friends. Since we are going to be roommates, I might as well offer you some insight into what living with me is like.

Do not worry, I am a very organized person, in my room everything has its own place and there is usually no mess. But I do hope we will have a big enough room as you may find my wardrobe somewhat big. You can of course borrow any item you might like. If you wonder about the noise, or light, please be at peace. I am not easily distracted, if you like listening to loud music, and as for me, I prefer to listen to it in my headphones. My sleeping hours are pretty regular, so do not fear me coming home late at night, but please note that I wake up pretty early everyday to go for a run. However, I am not noisy and I never hit the snooze button, so you should not wake up. As for the going to bed hour, I know we will both have a lot to study so we might stay longer awake, but should you want to go earlier to sleep, I can manage with only a desk lamp, since my entire childhood I’ve been reading books under the bed cover with help of a lantern for my parents not to see.

Dear roommate
Other than this, you should know I am very into sports, so should you like a fitness buddy or someone to go to the games with you, you can always count on me. I am a studious person, I will always try to be on time with my learning and assignments but I am always glad to help. I do not yet know your study area; I am pursuing a degree in international relations, but if you need help and if I am knowledgeable enough, I will most definitely try and offer it. Do not hesitate to ask. As for hobbies, I like reading, watching movies, cooking, playing the piano.


All in all, I can definitely say I am not a pretentious person and I will definitely not cause you any trouble. But I sincerely hope we will not be simple acquaintances, but friends and that we will get along well.





2 Responses to “Note to my future roommate”

  1. Slightly 01/08/2014 at 2:19 pm #

    Aah was this for Stanford? This was a fun essay question, even though I didn’t end up applying 😛

    • DontYouKnowMe 10/08/2014 at 12:32 am #

      Yes, it was Stanford’s essay. I didn’t get in, but I still enjoyed writing it, and in the end it all turned out for the best.
      Thanks for reading

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