Writing the pages

19 Dec

Today I’ll post a somewhat continuation of the writing I’ve been doing and posted in previous weeks. This was the last part: Story writing. Now for the rest:

“I should decide to pursue a career in acting” thought Laura after tricking her father into believing her red tear-swollen face was the result of her falling down the stairs and resulting excruciating pain and not of yet another mental breakdown she had. “Well, it’s not really a mental breakdown”.

Unfortunately she was better at lying the others than herself. She would have never publicly admitted, but not playing tennis was slowly killing Laura on the inside. The first few days or weeks without trainings, with free time to stay behind with her friends after school and go out till late at night had been like a breath of fresh air but even then, in between parties and outings, Laura resented for the first time in her life not constantly having sore muscles and blisters. It wasn’t that she didn’t enjoy her free time, and her social life did indeed visibly improve, but the sense of having lost something and even of shame at giving up were a constant presence in Laura’s soul. So almost every two days or so, or every time she would see a match on TV or listened to any reference to the game she actually so much adored, Laura would start crying which worsened her state of mind since she hating being weak. After all, she hadn’t cried in years and now she was crying almost daily.woman crying

Moreover, her improved social life also lead to less time spent on homework and studying resulting in her grades falling,  and being behind in school was not a position Laura was used to finding herself in. It seemed as if Laura hadn’t found her desired freedom but instead lost her focus and the only thing that made her focused and determined. And after some weeks she didn’t even enjoy herself anymore at all and saying she was going on a downward spiral was a huge understatement of what Laura was experiencing. Her parents were driven crazy by her behaviour and started conditioning her privileges, all without results.

downward spiral

The only thing that touched her was the promise of cancelling their annual ski trip to Austria should she continue her newly developed behaviour. Since winter sports were the only true pleasure left for Laura, she was frightened at the prospect of losing that as well and she resolved to improve her condition ar at least leave that impression to her parents.


Laura was happy. She knew she had fooled her parents into believing she really behaved the past weeks and at the same time she had had the time of her life. As she suggested, because they weren’t exactly swimming in money this year, they decided going to ski in Bansko, Bulgaria and not at their usual place in Austria. She knew that the past years she had been firmly against such a trip but considering all the facts, Bulgaria was better than nothing. And now, at the end of the week she couldn’t have been happier with how she managed to convince her family into going there.

She also convinced her parents of letting her ski together with her sister so she wouldn’t be forced to slow down and wait for them. That was really an important step Laura took towards doing what she wanted, and the fact that she could ski at full speed the whole week and do escapades in the woods brought her enormous pleasure. And more important, the fact that she slipped out of the room every night, without her sister knowing and went in the clubs from the resort gave her a feeling of empowerment that she rarely experienced. She felt confident, happy and free and almost convinced herself she didn’t miss tennis anymore.

party girl

party girl

But as every great scam, it soon came to an end. Not only did her parents find out she was going out by herself (Laura was certain her “worried” or better said jealous sister told them her secret) but they somehow had been updated that her grades did not improve and merely remained at the same low level they had been for the entire semester.  Laura expected a strong reaction and was certain she would be grounded until she was 25 but to her surprise her parents did not even think of that.  Laura who had been disconsidering her parents since she was 5 was shocked to see that they were genuinely worried about her well-being and even inferred that she wasn’t as “fine” as she was saying to be with regard to the stopping playing her sport.

game over


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