Story writing

19 Nov

Since it is very important for me to actually show somebody what I’ve been writing, i have found some time to translate and upload a continuation of the story I have started some time ago. If you want to know what previously happened you can check the first two parts by clicking on the following links:

Writing a novel


Continuing writing a novel.

However, if you don’t have time or  are simply uninterested, continue reading here and enjoy:

All of a sudden, with a wind-blow, all that energy disappeared into the chilly air. Laura felt drained and tired and sat on a wooden bench. The blond girl imagined how different this day, or night could have been, and smiled. Letting her imagination flow she saw with the eyes of her mind what could have happened if the boy at her game would not have left; or what would have happened if a handsome young man would have followed her out of the club and seeing her distress would have offered her his coat and a shoulder to cry on.

She pictured herself walking hand in hand which such a man and then, the sudden noise of an ambulance’s siren scattered her dream and she found herself looking at her palms, scarred by the years of her hard work and thought: “God, Laura, you’re just always so lonely.” Slowly, she walked back to the hotel and decided she would simply not return to her old life. She wanted a fresh start in which she wouldn’t have to sacrifice everything; she wanted what she thought others had: a normal life, where one could go party without worrying about morning practice, where one could walk hand in hand with their beloved one without worrying about calluses,  where one could be spontaneous and simply not worry. After all, weren’t all of her few friends telling her that she would only once be 17? “Carpe diem.”

Chapter 1
Having missed the first week, I felt rather enthusiastic but also anxious entering the high school yard through the small, green, all too familiar gate. Though I recognized some kids here and there I also saw a lot of new faces, this year’s freshmen. I heard from my friends who attended the newcomers’ meetings during summer, that they were rather dull or even worse full of themselves, so I had really no intention of getting to know them better.  “They shall soon see what my high school is all about and their superior smile will disappear”, I thought rather annoyed when some unknown boys’ eyes followed me. I knew I was something to look at as I had paid special attention to my first school day look. However, I never wore clothes for anybody else other than myself. I always feel confident when looking elegant, classy or simply arranged, but I never really enjoy attracting attention through my clothes.

actual school gate

Anyway, my inner tirade of thoughts was soon interrupted as I reached my class and my friends surrounded me. I hugged them all, threw my bag on the free desk in the first row (I was happy to see that Andrea, my desk mate for the last 2 years had saved my seat) and prepared for class.
Until the economy teacher came I asked Andrea how she was, what had I missed and got an update on all the changes which had happened during the summer. We had new teachers in Informatics and Economy, which were bad news since I loved the old ones, and there had also been some couple changes among my peers. Alex, my crush since last year was again single (“hurray, maybe this year, I’ll gather up my courage and tell him how I feel”), Daniel  had a new girlfriend, a ninth grader(“how lame”) and Diana stole Roxy’s boyfriend and were living a happy romance since August. I tried to seem interested but having sacrificed my social life years ago, and not having a real boyfriend since freshman year, I wasn’t really keen on knowing that others were happy in their love lives.

After the first three hours I’ve decided Monday was going to be a horrible day  and that particular Monday especially, since I had to answer the “Why did you miss last week” question far too often. Of course, I lied, saying my parents insisted on me joining them at a medical congress in Munich. Nobody knew how much I had traveled this summer, and more importantly, nobody knew how many matches I had lost and I didn’t plan on changing that, especially since tennis wouldn’t be part of my life anymore.

Monday. Horrible first Monday.

Please, just remember, this is fiction and even though the main character’s name is my own, and despite the fact that I have now shifted the narrative perspective to the first-person, I am not narrating an actual story. It was just easier for me to write as if I were talking from the memory, but this is not the case. Also, please excuse any language, grammar or mistakes of any kind, English is not my native language and please feel free to comment in any way. Criticism is constructive 🙂



2 Responses to “Story writing”

  1. Gertie Gorny 19/12/2012 at 10:44 am #

    Bonjour from overseas! This is just what I was expecting, and you wrote it well. Thanks very much


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    […] Today I’ll post a somewhat continuation of the writing I’ve been doing and posted in previous weeks. This was the last part: Story writing. […]

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