Fashion as an inspiration

14 Nov

I think our society has come a long way from considering people interested in fashion, especially girls, as shallow and has accepted the possibility of it presenting some advantages. Since there are now so many faces and areas comprised in this general term of fashion, it would be quite impossible for it not to be so.

First of all, in my opinion, fashion stimulates and develops creativity.Whether you are actually trying to design new clothes or accessories models, simply putting together your outfit for the day or having an impromptu fashion photo shoot with a friend, you put your imagination and sense of “what is beautiful and what goes together” to work.

Secondly, when we refer to these new fashion blogs or to the highly successful fashion editorials or reviews, we are in fact talking about pieces of writing. Learning and knowing how to describe a collection or review a runway presentation, offering insight into the work behind the scenes or the inspirations of the designer is not easier than doing the same for a book, a movie, a sport or any project in general.

Moreover, we must not forget that, for us, mere mortals, not so into fashion as two know all brands and their designers and recognize an outfit from the distance, but simply interested in what is considered beautiful this season or looking for an inspiration to mix and match items from our wardrobe, “fashion” is exactly that, an inspiration. And we should not disregard any topic or area that inspires or even motivates people, for how many of us did not want to loose weight in order to be able to wear that particular pair of jeans or dress?

All in all, as with most things in life, moderation is the key. Presenting an interest is fashion is far from unhealthy and has the above mentioned advantages as well as probably many others. It also may pave the way for a career in the domain. However, I do not think one should invest much time and energy into it as a concept, but rather have fun and use it to their advantage.

Here are some fashion choices that inspire me, sparked my interest or modeled my wardrobe and shopping trips:



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