Continuing writing a novel

13 Nov

Though I should have prepared for my math test, I spent my free time today translating the continuation of the story I wrote in a post 2 days ago, here: Writing a novel.

I never actually neglect my school work, but sometimes I feel I need to do and to work for the things that interest me and not only for and the ones that I “must”, as I would soon become someone different. So here it is, the continuation:

She didn’t cry. She didn’t have enough feelings in her for this. She was upset. No, actually not. She felt drained. Why? Because she had cracked under pressure; because she had not been able to be herself in the crucial moment. She wished to have something to analyze, to find a reason, a point she could have played differently to change the score, but she did not. Simply put, it seemed as if she had not been on the court. Everything was over too fast and for the first time, Laura did not know what to do. Normally, after a loss, she would feel motivated and would wish to go back on a court as soon as possible, to practice the strokes that had not worked, to develop a new tactic, to work in order to get the feeling that she was training to prevent a repeat of the failure. One of her favourite quotes came into her mind: “Success consists of going from failure to failure without the loss of enthusiasm”. Usually, in each of her losses she would see the sad part, but not only. One of her greatest qualities was that in a loss she would see a success in form of a reason to keep playing, to perfect her game and herself and to become better. But now, there was no enthusiasm left in her.

Fog surrounded Laura. Actually, only her mind had wondered away and she didn’t remember how she had reached the hotel. She knew she would have to give explanations but she couldn’t face anyone. She text-ed her coach, telling him of her loss, without any explanation, and her mum, saying that she would arrive home soon. Then she turned her phone off, and shut herself in the unfamiliar room. Out of reflex, Laura started packing and in less than ten minutes, her small, black suitcase and the blue tennis bag were ready near the door. She checked the train schedule on her iphone and realized she couldn’t make it in time for the last train to home. Sorrowful, she threw herself on the bed. She hated having to remain in such a sad place and she never stayed in town after a lost match. She also never went to the courts the days following her defeat, even though she always checked the results of her last opponent on the internet.
Tired of being the defeated tennis player, Lolo, as her coach called her, started her transformation into what she jokingly called her civilian persona. Out of her sneakers, freshly showered and dressed casually, Laura decided to break her rule of never going out while at a tournament and slammed the door behind her, leaving the sad hotel and her equally sad sports world behind.

Being right in the middle of the Zurich town and having the advantage of fluently speaking the language, it didn’t take Laura long to reach the centre of the city’s night life.  Because of her athletic physique and her make-up, it wasn’t hard for her to fool the bodyguard at the entrance of a club and appear older than her 17 years. The loud music inside, came as an awakening signal to Laura who could only now really disconnect from the fog in which she felt she had been surrounded. The powerful bass beat of the music made her heart pound and it wasn’t long before she felt the urge to dance. Street dancing had been one of the hobbies Laura was really passionate about, ever since watching her first dance movie, so her presence was soon noticed on the dance floor and a circle formed around her. For anyone watching her at that particular moment she would have appeared as beautiful but wild, as someone who didn’t mind showing off her skills and this was exactly how Laura was feeling. As probably any other teenage girl, she loved being admired by the boys and envied by the girls in the club and that night she danced her heart out.  All her sadness, her disappointment, her fury came out and was visible for anyone there. The normal, almost shy Laura found in dancing that night, what was usually reserved for her only as Lolo, on the court, the exquisite emotion of freedom.

After her dance finished, rather confused, Laura took off. Some tried talking to her, but she needed fresh air and rushed to the exit. She wasn’t afraid of the dangers the night could present. She was confident she could outrun any ill-intended person and thus walked through the dark streets of the city. Unconsciously, her feet took her to the one place she loved most in the Swiss city, the Zuricher see. There was something about the water, especially at night when the moon was reflected in the dark water that fascinated Laura, and she always adored walking on the edge of lakes.  The adrenaline was rushing in her veins, and Laura laughed at how crazy she had acted. Her mum would definitely kill her if she was ever to find out just how reckless her youngest daughter had acted.

Please just remember, though the character is named Laura, this is fiction. I just felt it easier to write about this girl as I would about me but I am trying to see if i can actually create a different character and not describe a known personality.

Hope you enjoy it,



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